Critical Global Health Series

Spring 2008

  • April 8
    9 - 10:30 AM

    Daniel Jordan Smith

    Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Population Studies, Brown University

    Antiretroviral Therapy and Reproductive Behavior in Nigeria: Sex, Marriage and Fertility among People Living with HIV

  • April 15
    9 - 10:30 AM

    Michelle Murphy

    Associate Professor, Dept. of History, University of Toronto

    Economization of Life: Fertility, Economy and Aggregated Life

  • April 29
    9 - 10:30 AM

    Allan Hill

    Andelot Professor of Demography, Dept. of Global Health and Population, Harvard School of Public Health

    Surprising Socio-Economic and Spatial Differentials in Women's Health in Accra, Ghana

The Critical Global Health Seminar Series is an interdisciplinary forum that explores the complex set of political, economic, social, and ecological forces driving patterns of sickness and health and responses to them.


Dept. of the History of Medicine, 3rd Floor of the Welch Library, Room 303, 1900 East Monument Street

Participation in the seminar is by invitation or by e-mailing:

For further information see:


Each speaker will present a paper that is a work in progress. The papers will be circulated electronically to Seminar participants in advance of the session. Participants should commit to attending all or most of the talks and to reading the pre-circulated paper.

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Johns Hopkins University, Departments of Anthropology; Health, Behavior and Society; History; History of Medicine; and International Health